Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back for Round 2!

To be totally honest, my first year wasn't a rousing success.  I suppose that, technically, I finished the year since I did 12 bead-y pieces but I allowed reality to interfere with creativity for far too much of 2010.  I'm back with renewed committment and enthusiasm, though.  I'm determined that, in 2011, I will allow creativity to flourish and to kick reality to the curb when necessary!  Oodles of ideas are already popping and hopping in my temporal and frontal lobes (which, according to science, is where the "big ideas" originate)...ideas for size, for shape, for theme, for color, for style.  I'll be ready, willing, and able to start on January 1st!

The posts and pictures from BJP3 participants were all so beautiful and inspiring.  I'm looking forward to reading and seeing what BJP4 participants are creating.