Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bead Journal Project *2011* is about to begin.

Wow another year of BJP is about to begin and yours truly just completed November of this year, now I need to take some photo's & post to my blog which can be found here  Jody 

I'd like to say "Welcome" to all the new members who have joined us this year, this being the first blog has all those who signed up first for the year 2011.  Trust me Blogs # 2/3 will all be worth visiting once we get started.  I have my Google Home Page all set up for any posts made on any of the 3 blogs from 2010.  That way I don't miss any of the latest beading posts. 

(Note: Blog #2 will soon be available for new members signing up to view, we are still receiving registrations. so stay tuned)

The Blogs that many of us have is a great way to look at all the "eye candy" that we make for the BJP.  Very inspirational.  

Oh & before I forget our very own Robin Atkins has made a post on Face Book Robin Atkins
that you might just want to check out.

I look forward to viewing lots of "eye candy" of the BJP of 2011 as it progresses, great way to get inspired or to learn something new!
Having your own personal blog is really almost like a "diary" you can write as much or as little or not much news on it.  Only give out the info. that you want.  Personally I am not one to say too much, just the basics.  So for those who don't have a blog, give it a try, you might just found that your family & friends can see what you've been up to, but only if you want them to.