Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hi All

I'm Karin, and I'm a returning Bead Journal Project member. I've really enjoyed the past year, as I've learned new techniques, got to use beads that I never would have otherwise, and just generally enjoyed myself. And I got to see tons of beautiful beaded eye candy each month - what more could you ask for.

I've been beading for about 25 years in some form or other - I started with bead weaving using a small loom. I worked at a bead shop as a part time job in high school, which greatly expanded my bead collection (and has now provided me with a great stash of "vintage" stuff, as most of them are now over 20 years old). I've discovered lampworking in the last 5 years or so, and love the creativity that comes with turning rods of glass into beads.

I used a 1 7/8" button form for my project each month during the 2010 BJP. (These are the fabric self covered buttons). I liked that I had an easy way to finish the project each month. I didn't like that I was restricted to smaller (mostly seed beads), as I needed to press the finished work in order to get the work onto the button. I had hoped to use more of my own lampwork, but quickly discovered that pressing any lamwork onto the beads wasn't going to work.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone is making this year - more beautiful beading!

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