Sunday, January 23, 2011

January installment is complete

I posted it on my blog here and in my photo album here.

My theme this year will be masks with a seasonal theme based on biirthstone colors and something in the month that is "typical". This one ("January Ice") is based on garnet (the birthstone) and white and silver (SNOW!) and is roughly 5 inches wide at it's widest and 2.5 inches deep at its deepest. But the "tassles" sort of resulted in my coming up with something in the order of a 5" by 7" rectangle base. So much for working smaller this year!

Mostly glass seed beads and petit seed beads, but there are some larger silver beads and silvered red glass beads, a few twisted silver bugle beads and even some flattened rectangular beads along with Swarovsky crystals and some prestrung "pearl" trim.

I learned a lot from this one about going where the beads wanted me to go, but still haven't branched out into new beading techniques (still doing backstich and couching alone).