Thursday, February 17, 2011

February Fairy Goddess Pin

It's only the middle of the month and I've completed my brooch. I may even start March's pin this month, who knows?
This month's was actually a dual purpose brooch. I'm a member of the Goddess Doll Yahoo Group, and some of those members are also involved with this group. There is a swap going on this month of a goddess pin, and since I'm making goddess pins as my shape this year, I'm swapping my newest creation.
My swap partner likes purple and pink and fairies; this helped me design February's pin. I love pearls, so I used a pink coin pearl for her face (It does hang straight down, but I couldn't seem to manage that with my scanning her.) I gave her a silver pouch of stardust using star sequins and used the same sequins as last month for her boobs. This is my first pair of wings, and I'm really pleased with them; I hope my swap partner will be too. Since it's February, I added a rose quartz heart encircled with seed beads.
I'm still working on my web site, so I'm posting her photo here.