Friday, March 18, 2011

A little late -HaHa

Okay, so this is my BJP May 2010. I finally finished it and gave it to my sister for the artist friends' wall she has in her new snowbird home in Estero, FL. Actually, she placed it above her work space so she could look at it while she's busy. The rest of the wonderful pieces are on a different wall. This piece is all about flowers in the merry month of May. The white flower to the left is bone from an old pin, and the rose bud and others to the right are real flowers under acrylic (I bought this piece). The rest are glass, pearls, and crystals. This was the last one of 2010 that I had started. Each had a different beaded button as well. I'm really glad it's complete. You can see the others on my website I haven't put any of the others together yet, but it's on the agenda.