Sunday, June 5, 2011

June Artist Trading Card done

Hi all - just finished my June ATC which represents Buttons! There are a few reasons for this... I just sold my 1st beaded button at a Button Show; I started beading because of Robin's beaded buttons (thank you Robin); and my family business was plastics which had a large line of buttons. See my ATCs. I have 5 buttons on my piece and 3 fine silver discs that were the start of small buttons I was going to make and decided to put them on my ATC instead.

Also, I'd like to announce that I swapped my 1st ATC. I'm psyched!!!! On my ATC page you will read that one was swapped (it's March) and I have a link to show the ATC I swapped for. It's lovely and came from Roxan O'Brien (one of my Cloisonne students, but she was already creating gorgeous bead embroidered collar necklaces). Thank you Roxan!

If you are interested, check out my buttons. I'm certainly having fun with them. I'm just starting to make enameled buttons and will soon make a few Keum Boo metal buttons.

Have a BEADlicious day. Karen