Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Birthday Goddess Pin

Well - I thought I had written this several days ago and uploaded it, but I can't find my BJP blog anywhere, so I guess it's another case of CRS (Can't Remember Sh-t). I finished my October Goddess Pin around the 27th. As this is my birth month, I choose to use colors I love. My kitchen is green and purple too.

For her hair, I used two different types of yarn. The bugle beads are for the candles on a cake, although the number is wrong, so they are only representative, and they follow a pattern in the fabric. The yellow circle towards the bottom  is yellow jade, and although it looks like the bead holding it in place is loose, it is really tight. I rescanned it a couple of times, and couldn't get it the way I wanted it. I suppose it would have been better to photograph her, but I'm used to scanning and a bit lazy, so.......... Next time, I'll photograph it if I don't like the way she scans.