Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hi everyone...I'm Bobbi K or beadbabe49 (my online name for the most part) and this is my 4th year participating in the bead journal project. I'm really looking forward to meeting all the new members and seeing what our "old" members will come up with for 2011!

One thing I've noticed is that each year our members get better at their blogging skills as well as their beading skills, which makes it easier for everyone to see and appreciate each others work...yay!

I am also noticing that linking to their own blog or website is not something that everyone knows how to do yet, so I thought I'd try a short post on how to link to your own site (if you have one) when posting to the bjp blog.

When you hit the "New Post" button and it takes you to the posting section and the text box you type into, there are little icons at the top of the text box. From the left there are 5 choices for your text. You can choose the font (the type style itself), the size of the type, whether you make it Bold or Italic or in Color.

The next little icon is the linking icon and when you want to link to your own site (or to any other site) this is what you do after you've written your post.

First you must have the URL (the address of the link that starts with http://www.yourname.extension).
I usually get that by opening a window to the site I want to link to and just copying the address by clicking on it with my right mouse button and then using the Copy function.

Then you decide which text in your post you want to use to link to the site. You can use the name of the site or your name or any other words you want to use. I often use the word HERE for the link as it's more obvious (to me anyway!). You then highlight the word (use your left mouse button while dragging the cursor across the word). Then you click on the Link icon (if your put your mouse cursor on it (without clicking) the word "link" will show.) When you click on it another window will open asking for the URL of the link, which you will enter, and then click the OK button.

This should make your link "live" and the word or words you choose for the link will be a different color and when someone reading your post clicks on it, it will take them to the page you've linked to.

The process is really pretty simple (after a few repititions, lol!) and is easier to do than it is to describe in words! Really!

Anyway...if you have any questions please leave me a comment on my blog HERE or in the comment box for this post.