Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Piece in Newark Museum

Hi all - this is not a BJP issue, but something I am very excited about my bead embroidery - a piece of mine was just accepted into the permanent collection at the Newark Museum in NJ, by the Curator of Decorative Arts. This was actually one of my 1st pieces from 2006, and I love it dearly. I made it to learn more about bead embroidery and it was a project from Robin Atkins' book, Beaded Embellishments - the needle case. But as you can see, I've created my own design and just followed the construction from the project. This was a wonderful project to learn as it taught a hinge and a 2 part construction. I do recommend this book, if you don't already have it.

The funny thing is, my English Budgie, Iggy, just started saying: Karen is the Bead Hearted Babe - so apropos.

Have a BEADy good day, Karen