Saturday, October 29, 2011

Where Are You, Mama Angel???

So far
twenty of you
said YES
to begin again in Jan!

A few want to
start later.
Only one said No.

Well, those are encouraging poll results! Not a big group, maybe, but seems like it would be a dedicated group. I say, let's do it!

Bravo to a few of you who said you'd be willing to help out! Carol, who set up the blogs last year, is willing to do it again. Tracy, I think, will help too. Now, what we really need is a Mama Angel to glue us all together, somebody who has time and energy to keep up with the member blogs and the BJP blog... posting, encouraging, assigning tasks, fixing problems... most of all encouraging. Where are you, Mama Angel? Please email me (robin at robinatkins dot com) if you can run the BJP for 2012.

Meanwhile, blessings to all, thanks for responding to the polls, hope to see you here next year!